Where We Stand

We stand for five key policy goals:

  • Black LivesMatter Women’s Rights are human rights Science is Real No Human Being is Illegal Facts trump Opinion Everyone Deserves Healthcare Corporations are not people You can’t breathE or drink profits Love is love Resist Indivisible GA1st.org Brunswick & The Golden IslesDefend and strengthen civil rights – and that includes minorities, women, immigrants and transgendered.
  • Protect the environment by limiting the damage from global climate change, protecting our air and water, and preserving species and natural ecosystems.
  • Reform the electoral system by getting money out of politics, eliminating the Electoral College, ending gerrymandering, getting all people registered to vote and to the polls, and protecting our nation from cyber threats.
  • Growing the economy by providing quality public education, training and creating jobs and opportunity for everyone, reversing wealth disparity, providing government stimulus spending, encouraging legal immigration, and defending and fixing the Affordable Care Act (aka: Obamacare).
  • Resisting Trump and Pence until they are forced our of office by defending truth and exposing their lies.

We are Indivisible. Join us.

People join Indivisible because they want to act. Indivisible Ga1st encourages everyone to act.

People join because it’s supposed to be a grassroots group. Indivisible Ga1st is a true grassroots group where ideas bubble up and don’t come top down.
And people join because they believe there is strength in numbers rather than merely acting individually, and they need the support of others who share similar outlooks.

To those ends, we approach resistance by encouraging each member to work within broad topics for action. These topics are tailored to our situation and do not duplicate the committee structure of our allied organizations (although they might complement the activities of some of those groups).

Ideally, members will be part of small groups of three to five members with a point person who is responsible for proposing at least one action for the wider Indivisible group each week.

The O.C.: Not Orange County but Ocean and Coast. Areas of interest to include but not limited to climate change and rising sea levels, the need for curbs on single-use plastic bags and straws that pollute oceans and inland waterways, coal ash and other water contaminants, protection of the right whale, overfishing, coastal development, preservation of marshland, adequate funding for FEMA and the National Flood Insurance program, banning offshore drilling and seismic testing, funding the EPA, preserving current environmental regulations, supporting the Marine Sanctuary program and NOAA. This group should maintain close contact to 100 Miles, Green Scene, Green Law, the Sierra Club and other environmental organizations.

Save the Humans: Areas of interest: The current healthcare fight and all issues related to human physical and mental health, including insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, insurance regulation, medical education, sex education, community mental health, accessible clinics, dentistry for the poor, drug costs, scientific research, drug safety, genetic modification, conflicts of interest among congressmen voting on such issues, gun violence, gun research, bending the curve on healthcare costs, rights of people with disabilities, special education, home care for the elderly, rural and inner-city hospitals, countering the culture of violence, reforming prison and sentencing programs to reduce recidivism.

War and Peace, or the Peace Movement 2.0: Areas of interest: Our never-ending wars, drone warfare, land mine removal, nuclear disarmament, chemical weapons, the Middle East, North Korea, the growing influence of China, Russian meddling, our support for authoritarian regimes, our role in stimulating the arms race, diplomacy, human rights, immigration, the sanctuary movement, the status of Dreamers, military spending, veterans programs, foreign aid, trade and globalization, refugees and the internally displaced, famine and other international disasters.

All the Girls and Boys: Areas of interest: Gender issues, women’s rights, inequality of pay, sexual discrimination, gay rights, domestic abuse, education of girls worldwide, sex crimes, the treatment of victims, Title IX, sex education (again), electing more women to office, support for more women in appointed government posts, women’s health, contraception, abortion, issues specific to women’s health, childcare.

The Counter “Culture War”: Areas of interest: The necessity of a strong defense for science, standing up to the Religious Right, supporting educational freedom (on issues from the teaching of evolution to selection of textbooks), forming alliances with religious progressives, countering the NRA, limiting the influence of the Koch brothers and others, challenging conservative propagandists trying to pass themselves off as journalists on the web, television and right wing talk radio, pushing the Brunswick News to offer more balanced op-ed pages.

It’s the Economy, Stupid: Areas of interest: The growing gap between rich and poor, progressive rather than regressive taxation, trade and globalization (again), vocational training, re-training displaced workers, living wages, encouraging creation of good jobs, converting to cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels, alleviating student debt, unionization, workers’ rights, job safety, support for a safety net, expanding opportunity, protecting undocumented workers from exploitation, supporting community colleges and higher ed in general, prison and alternative sentencing job training programs, adequate benefit programs for all workers, childcare (again), the economic impact of healthcare, reform of banking and financial systems, consumer protection, holding capitalism accountable.

A Stitch in Time: Areas of interest: Our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, both physical and political; fixing bridges and highways, developing rail, bus and other transportation programs, development issues related to ports and airports, road safety, making sure congressional actions on infrastructure are a response to real needs and that funds are not doled out through cronyism, reducing the influence of money in politics, preserving voting rights, expanding voter participation, reducing gerrymandering, reforming the electoral college, making government more representative and responsive.

The Race to the Finish Line: Areas of interest: Building the beautiful society, embracing the rainbow of possibilities in a multicultural world, rooting out all aspects of the racism that is both the Burden of Southern History and our nation’s Constitutional Curse, support for minority rights, preventing racial profiling, stopping “Muslim bans,” joining cause with groups like the NAACP and Southern Poverty Law Center, support for Black Lives Matter, resisting the neo-Confederates in our midst, countering historical revisionism on race, support for immigrants, giving voice to Latinos, supporting minority candidates for political office.

Good Works: Areas of interest: Identifying people and organizations who are actively working for good even in this distressing Trump era, singling those people out for praise and thank you notes and allying ourselves with them when appropriate, identifying successful projects or programs that our group might want to emulate, investigating potential candidates for office and evaluating them for other Indivisible members, coordinating with other groups, advise us of actions we should join in or contribute to financially, share ideas on ways to use social media effectively to support other change seekers, thanking people who support our cause.

The (Im)Peach State Committee, aka the Swamp Creatures: Areas of interest: Identify and lead us in exposing specific instances of corruption, collusion and conflicts of interest in the Trump administration and Congressional leadership; aggressively pursuing our own efforts to drain this increasingly abysmal swamp, leading the wider group in actions if (or when?) impeachment proceedings begin.